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Сапр раскроя листового металла. Интех - Раскрой.


        CAM INTECH-RASKROY is designed for designing nesting charts of shaped parts for cutting from flat sheets using gas, plasma, laser or water jet cutting machines.


        Used in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, bridge construction, instrumentation, auto and tractor construction. Wherever thermal cutting of metal is used.

About thermal cutting equipment.

        The software is used to create control programs for MTR (thermal cutting machines) which can use oxygen, plasma, laser cutting heads as a tool. As well as many auxiliary tools: markers, engravers, cutters and others. The production sector for thermal cutting equipment has been the most conservative until recently. Traditionally, MTRs are equipped with gas, plasma, micro plasma and laser cutters. This provides for cutting flat parts of different thicknesses, obtaining edge surfaces from roughing to finishing. However, today innovations are taking place here as well. The use of devices that expand the kinematic capabilities of machining is becoming promising. This makes it possible to move from 2D planar machining to 3D volumetric machining. For this purpose, MTRs are equipped with inclined cutters capable of realizing the most complex trajectories of movement in three-dimensional space. Conical surfaces (chamfers) at variable angles on different levels are machined in this way.

Features of Technological Preparation

        The dynamics of modern production does not leave enough time for the process engineer to carry out technical work on the design of part layouts, machining routes, verification of NC codes, calculations of consumption rates, time and many other calculations. Which determines the required design mode: "Today for Today". Another peculiarity is that the principle of production is the simultaneous cutting of many parts from the sheet (technological grouping). This complicates ways of rationing workpieces and makes it very difficult to carry out preliminary calculations of the costs of materials used, without the use of special high-performance CAD. Obviously, mistakes made at the design stage cost the most...
        Modern blank production includes different technological stages: shape cutting from a flat sheet on laser and plasma machines, shape cutting on pipe cutters, rectangular cutting on guillotine shears, processing of sheet on coordinate-punch presses. It can be argued that modern production management is largely determined by the efficiency of technological preparation. This makes availability of CAD system of "Intech Cutting" class not only desirable, but even mandatory for almost any engineering enterprise.

CAM usage

        INTECH announces release of new product "Inteh-Raskroy 3.0", which provides a unique opportunity to build the technological process, taking into account the use of a group of machines used in a particular production. CAD is focused on building not only single operations of shape cutting, but the whole technological process of blank production for processing parts of different thicknesses from different materials. The multi-purpose software product allows the technologist to achieve various goals in the process of designing - not only to create densely packed nesting cards and design them in the "today for today" mode, but also to save the debugged cutting modes in the database for use in the subsequent design, to determine the costs of processing, and as a result to assess the cost indicators of the resulting nesting cards.

Complete solutions

        A major step in increasing the efficiency of production preparation is the ability of CAD to obtain complex solutions, i.e. solutions for all technological processes. One of the advantages of Intech-Raskroy 3.0 CAD system is its positioning as a universal tool for designing nesting charts, NC and other required technological documents not only for automated cutting, but also for other groups of blank production machines.


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