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Optimal   program
                    for   cutting  of  metal

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Проектирование раскроя для гильотинных ножниц.Прямоугольный раскрой металла

Dear Colleagues!  We would like to offer you the following WEB-SERVICES :


    Easy interface, ease of use, auto-saving, rich interactive features, no installation required, equally easy access from a personal computer, tablet or cell phone, turn the work of the technologist into a creativity in the Creation of Cutting Maps.

    We hope that our product will be a faithful assistant in your work and will greatly simplify the solution of problems in your enterprise.
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    "ИНТЕХ-Гильотина.раскрой листового металла на гильотине " Service serves for obtaining optimum layout of parts on the sheet, taking into account peculiarities of guillotine cutting (considering through-cutting principle); obtaining nesting maps; outputting detailed report of the guillotine nesting map (with indication of cuts, number of parts, weight, norm, size etc.) It serves for placing rectangular parts, creating layout for guillotine in on-line mode. РЕЖИМЫ РЕЗАНИЯ Service provides the ability to choose the processing modes for thermal cutting machines, based on information about many used tools for laser, plasma, gas, water-jet and guillotine cutting. The base contains information about the processing modes for: plasma cutting sources: UPR, APR, POWERMAX, HPR; oxy-fuel cutting torches: Effect, ZINSER, HARRIS; laser cutting machines from: HAN*S LASER, Trumpf (for L3030), LMC; water-jet cutting machines from: FLOW, KMT Waterjet, etc. ,

    We always put a little more into our product than you expect.

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