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Сапр раскроя листового металла. Интех - Раскрой.

Company SPE INTEX.


        INTEX Research and Production Enterprise was established in 1988 in Odessa. One of the main activities is development of software for automating technological design of machine-building production.
        The main product of Intech is software "Intech-RASKROY" - creation of automated mode of layouts of shaped parts on shaped sheets, development of machining technologies and production of the control programs for NC machines.
For more than 30 years from 1988 to 2022 SPE "Intex" produced three generations of software versions for DOS and Windows.

A little history..

        In 1988, a few enthusiasts who came out of department 10 - CAD department of Odessa NIIT "KRIOGENMASH" headed by A.S. Starets united for creation of CAD cutting and established scientific-production enterprise "Intex". At that time they did not think about the evolution of the software product development.
        The first version of CAD was released in 1991, it turned out to be remarkably effective, and the evolutionary process of the product began. The first task turned out to be the problem of automatic nesting of complex-shaped parts on a sheet. The task had to be solved for a PC in the DOS environment to "ease the life" of design engineers.
In 2002 the first Windows version was released, which was created in the framework of Ukrainian-Bulgarian partnership.
       For years of communication with experts, studying the problems and needs of hundreds of modern productions the program was filled with a variety of tools with deep thought-out solutions.
The developments of SPE Intex are based on scientific research in the field of solving the problem of cutting sheet material for thermal cutting machines, taking into account the wishes of users.

        Since then "Intech-Raskroy" is known to many specialists not only in Ukraine and former USSR countries, but also abroad. Based on a highly efficient, unique algorithm of placement, "Intex-Raskroy" to this day remains the most acceptable solution for enterprises with different volumes of production and having a fleet of cutting machines from different manufacturers.
        Featuring a unique price-quality ratio, this design system is notable for its ease of mastering, flexibility with respect to equipment and focus on minimizing metal consumption.

        About our partner programs. Both domestic and foreign cutting machines are equipped with our software. We cooperate closely with various companies supplying sheet metal working machines.

Thus, not using noisy and aggressive marketing strategies, SPE Intex managed to develop and occupy our niche for the medium-heavy class of CAM systems.

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